Snowdrop desktop wallpaper

snowdrop desktop wallpaper

Enjoy these snowdrops every day on your desktop: download our free snowdrop desktop wallpaper by clicking on the picture.


Do snowdrops need lots of sun


When you have them on your desktop, they don’t need any sun 🙂


In your garden, snowdrop flowers don’t need much sun either. Galanthus can grow under the bare branches of trees in areas that will be shady later in the year.


They do need a bit of light, so don’t plant them under evergreens, unless you have no other choice. My snowdrops grow also very close to my evergreens.


Snowdrop flowers do most of their growing before the late spring leaf canopy is big enough to create too much shade.


But like we said just now: this snowdrop desktop wallpaper can best be enjoyed without any sun on your screen!

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